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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Instax Mini 7S x Stylelocale

Last June 14, 2013, I finally got my hands into my new stuff: An Instax Mini 7S! :)
Instax has always been one in my wishlist that's why I was so happy when I found out that I won one from Stylelocale's giveaways.

Stylelocale is a store finder app that will be launched anytime this year. The app is perfect for stylish techy girls and boys. You can like their facebook here:
And follow them on Twitter and Instagram at: @stylelocale
Who knows? They might throw another giveaway and you can be one of their lucky winners too! :)

Going back, my Instax is a color pink, wow! My favorite, right? 

The package comes with instax films that get me started. I was amazed how polaroids gives you instant developed photos! 

My first two instax photos were a shot with my father dear and motherland. What are you waiting for? Head on to the nearest polaroid/camera shop nearest you and grab this instax now! The latest one is the Instax Mini8. Don't have the money? Follow Stylelocale for more giveaways soon! :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bloggers United 5!

Before I start this post, allow me to shout first. WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! I finally met my favorite bloggers!

I first saw Dani Barretto because her booth was near the entrance. Guess what?! I was starstrucked! She is definitely gorgeous and tall! 

I found a new crush in the person of Mikyle Quizon! Here's a secret I would tell: He's so mabango! Hahaha. He and Dani look perfect together! 

Who doesn't know Laureen Uy?! She was just so fab and glamorous! I am so thankful I didn't went home early. People were rushing to her booth the moment she arrived. 

Nicole Andersson who's Laureen's booth neighbor is so beautiful and makulit! I saw her dancing to the tune of the upbeat songs in the event. I also got sunnies and cases from her booth for a very cheap price! I will definitely runsack her booth on the next installment.

Vern and Vernice is so tall and very warm to their readers. I love their hair! 

Some of the best finds came from Bea's booth. So sad I didn't get the dibs :( but lookie! She has the sweetest smile.

Reese Lansangan has a really cute hair! I adore how she was able to ramp that tri-colored hair with grace! ;) She also sold cute and unique necklaces and earrings.

I really am a lucky girl for having the chance to take a pic with Maya! She's the international Jap blogger who also participated at BU5. The moment she put down all her goods, people came attacking her stuff. She still look so cute though she was not feeling well that day.

We were out of the hall when we saw Divine Lee. She was so kind and tall that I looked like a dwarfina next to her. Hahaha! She said she loved my floral top. Yieee! Kilig! 

June 1 is the best day yet!!! I never thought I could get too much kilig that I still have hangover. I want to see them all again on the 6th BU!!! You guys shouldn't miss it for the world! :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Getaway; Baguio Day 2: PMA

This was our last destination and my favorite of all!! We didn't care if it was raining, we really went down the car and flash our best smile while touring the PMA campus! ;) Sa sobrang ganda ng campus, napapa-isip na tuloy ako. I might enroll here. Jooooke! Hahaha.

I was the first one to climb the canyon! Horaaayyy for me! ;) I love the place, the weather, the people, the foods and everything about PMA and the whole Baguio itself. Well, sans the ghosts at the West Inn Hotel. Hahaha! 

Summer Getaway; Baguio Day 2: Wright Park and Cap John Hay

I got bored while we were at the Wright Park. It has foul smell due to the pee and poo of the horses so I think they should beautify it more. Well anyway, here are our pics!

Horses of different colors and sizes.

The only thing I did here was climb this hundred steps which they called "Stairs To Heaven". Kapagod!! 

We headed to Cap John Hay after the tiring strolling at the Wright Park.

Summer Getaway; Baguio Day 2: Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is so big that we only managed to see one-fourth of it! We don't have much time so we needed to go to the next destination, agad agad! 

Botanical Garden has so many nice sceneries that our best pictures are shoot here! :)

Summer Getaway; Baguio Day 1: The Mansion, Minesview Park

Our third and last destination was The Mansion and Minesview Park.

The Mansion:

Minesview Park:

You wouldn't leave the park without wearing these costumes. 

We were stranded for about 30 minutes at the park because of the heavy rain! We had fun tho :)