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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


After the thorough application and interview for the membership of the Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance Student Council Committee, I was finally hired under the Writers Committee or the Media Group.

Yes! I did keep their message. Hahaha!
To make my membership official, I attended the GA which was also some kind of a team building. I've met many IABF students from different committees like: Administrative, Publicity, Technical, Talent Artists and others. 

The best part and the most surprising moment was when i've known that my crush was in the same committee as I am. So that means, we will be working as one!!! OH EM GEE! 

Gaahh! Could you just see how kilig I am there? *blushes*

We played games with hidden lessons and our senior officers narrated to us their achievements and how they struggled to become who they are right now. 

I've learned a lot from all the activities we've had and my inspiration bank is now half-full! Alam niyo yan! Si crush eh. Hihiii :))

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