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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ways To Chase Your Dreams

Set Goals

First and foremost, you should set what you want to achieve and where do you want to see yourself in the future. Dream big, imagine things out of the box. Take advantage of the only free thing in the world today - to dream. Do not settle for less because if your dreams don't scare you, it isn't that big. 

Move out of your comfort zone

It's nice to be dealing things in your comfort zone but it doesn't assure you to gain a lot more knowledge rather than being expert in only selected things. You should start trying out new things, new techniques and new ways that isn't ordinary for you. It's a crazy world out there and you need to have yourself shielded with armors by peeping into the battlefield once in a while. 

Stress is a good sign

If your feeling burnout and stressed, it is an indication that you are actually doing something to achieve the goals that you've set. Do not let stress be a reason of giving up.


Perseverance goes a long way. You will meet hindrances along the way but with your perseverance, you can knock them off. 

Be positive

Being positive helps a lot. It gets you motivated and confident. Problems are not barriers, in fact, they are lessons in disguise so face it positively and learn from them. 

Karma exist

Whatever and whoever tries to bring you down, do not hesitate to stand up and let them see the stronger and determined you. Never ever in your wildest dream should you include revenge. Let karma work on them. You are busy chasing your dreams so you don't have time heating up a fight with narrow-minded people. Take note: it always pays to be kind. Good karma also exist. 

Work for your dreams

You don't just sit there and daydream about your future house, career and everything under the sun that you wanted you to be and to have. You must work for it therefore, you shall study your lessons, do assignments and report to class as much as possible or might I say, as much as you can.

Talk to Him

There is no other great way to be successful but to increase your faith and ask God for guidance as you struggle on your journey in reaching your dreams. When everything goes dark and feels like impossible, call on Him. 

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